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Since 2015 more than 700 students have graduated from Akal University and many of them are pursuing careers in the social sector. Through the establishment of Akal University Alumni Association, the University plans to provide a platform to the entire alumni, who after acquiring education and knowledge from here, are going to achieve glorious heights in different fields. The strong ties between alumni and their alma mater are all the more relevant and vital given the University’s vision to contribute to social change.

Aims and Objectives


The following categories of persons shall be entitled to be enrolled as members of the Association:

Note : All Former Vice-Chancellors and former Registrars will be members of the Association.

Categories of Membership

There will be the following categories of members

Membership fee details

Office Bearers

Vice-Chancellor – Ex-officio

  1. The Chief Patron shall be the custodian of all assets of the Association.
  2. He shall preside over the all the meetings of the Association and all functions that may be organised by the Association.
  3. He may call special meetings of the Executive Council/General Body of the Association as and when required or on a written request signed by at least 10 members.
  1. The president shall perform the duties and functions of the Chief Patron in his absence.
  2. He shall perform such other duties and functions as may be entrusted to him by the Chief Patron or the Executive Council.

Dean, Alumni Relations – Ex-officio

  1. He will be the custodian of all the records and documents of the Association and maintain a property register and all such registers as may be necessary in connection with the work of the Association.
  2. He will maintain an up-to-date register of members and of all subscriptions and donations.
  3. He is authorized to call and arrange meetings of the Executive Council and the Association and record the minutes of their meetings.
  4. He will represent the Association in all legal proceedings and sign all legal documents on behalf of the Association.

Finance Officer – Ex-officio

  1. He will assist the Secretary in the administrative matters, in conducting activities of the Association and functions regarding finances/accounts of the Association.
  2. He will perform such other duties and functions as may be entrusted to him by the Executive Council.