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Since 2015 more than 700 students have graduated from Akal University and many of them are pursuing careers in the social sector. Through the establishment of Akal University Alumni Association, the University plans to provide a platform to the entire alumni, who after acquiring education and knowledge from here, are going to achieve glorious heights in different fields. The strong ties between alumni and their alma mater are all the more relevant and vital given the University’s vision to contribute to social change.

Aims and Objectives

  • To foster the spirit of brotherhood amongst the alumni of the University
  • To provide platform to the Alumni to stay connected with their Alma Mater for mutual development and benefits.
  • To harness the enthusiasm and willingness of members who are willing to take on organizational initiatives and sustain it.
  • To mobilize financial resources for development and growth of the University.
  • To disseminate information about activities and development of the University to the alumni members through alumni Website, Facebook group, Linkedin group, WhatsApp group etc.
  • To involve alumni in strengthening the placement activities of the University.

The following categories of persons shall be entitled to be enrolled as members of the Association:

  • Persons who are awarded UG/PG/Ph.D. degrees by the Akal University, Talwandi Sabo.
  • Persons who have obtained diploma of at least one year duration.
  • Members of the teaching staff of the University even though they may not be graduates of this University.
  • Graduates of other Universities (Indian or Foreign) on whom membership is conferred by the Executive Council of the Association.
  • All Students of the University.
  • Apply Offline
  • Apply Online


Note : All Former Vice-Chancellors and former Registrars will be members of the Association.


Categories of Membership

There will be the following categories of members

  • Patron
  • Donor Members
  • Life Members
  • Honorary Members

Membership fee details

Ordinary Member: Rs. 200 per annum (financial year basis).
Life Member: Rs. 1000/- (NRI/Overseas : US$ 100 or equivalent).
Donor Member: by donating Rs. 21,000/- or more (NRI/Overseas : US$ 1000 or equivalent).
A person may become a patron of this Association by donating a sum of at least of Rs. 21,000/- or more (NRI/Overseas : US$ 1,000 or equivalent with approval of the Chief Patron)
Honorary Member: On whom Membership is conferred by the Association.