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Akal Business School Sets Remarkable Benchmark with 100% Placement Success for Inaugural Batch

In a remarkable achievement, Akal Business School has set a new standard in student placements with the entire first batch successfully securing employment before graduation. The achievement not only underscores the academic excellence of the institution but also highlights the promising future of its talented students.

100% Placement Success

The placement record at Akal Business School speaks volumes about the commitment of the institution towards nurturing and preparing its students for the competitive global business landscape. The first batch of students achieved an outstanding 100% placement rate, a testament to the quality of education and skill development at the institution.

Impressive Average Salary

What adds an extra layer of accomplishment is the average salary that the students secured. With an average salary of Rs 6 lakhs per annum, the graduates of Akal Business School are not only well-equipped with knowledge but also poised for a successful and lucrative career.

Global Placements

The global exposure provided by Akal Business School is evident in the placements that occurred at renowned companies in the UK and Dubai. This international placement success not only showcases the global relevance of the education provided but also positions Akal Business School as a global player in business education.

Diverse Career Paths

While a majority of students chose to embark on their professional journeys, a noteworthy segment opted to pursue fully funded Ph.D. programs in the USA. This choice reflects the academic rigor and research capabilities instilled in the students during their tenure at Akal Business School.

Paid Internships

Before securing their final placements, all students underwent a rigorous three-month paid internship program, enhancing their practical skills and industry exposure. This not only facilitated a seamless transition from academia to the professional world but also allowed the students to make informed career choices.

Earn as You Learn

A unique feature of the Akal Business School program is the ‘earn as you learn’ mode, where some students chose to continue their paid internships even after the initial period. This innovative approach not only allows students to further hone their skills but also serves as an excellent model for lifelong learning and professional development.


The success story of the first batch at Akal Business School is not just about placements; it’s a testament to the institution’s holistic approach to education, focusing on academic excellence, global exposure, and practical skill development. As the students of Akal Business School step into the professional world, they carry with them not only a degree but a robust foundation for a successful and fulfilling career. The remarkable achievements of the inaugural batch undoubtedly set the stage for future excellence and position Akal Business School as a hub for aspiring business leaders.