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In order to promote research and development activities at Akal University, Dean Research Office has been constituted under the overall able guidance of the Vice-chancellor. The mandate of this Office is to promote and disseminate information regarding research work done by Akal University faculty and students, coordinate with the Director, IQAC, facilitate the process by providing access to resources, and encourage the students and faculty to incorporate research activities in their daily academic training.

Vision and Mission of Research at Akal University

Akal University is committed to promote research activities in Basic Sciences as well as in Social Sciences & Humanities. Thb main objectives of the Dean Research Office are:

  • To promote quality research in basic sciences as well as social sciences and humanities.
  • To disseminate information about recent research project grants available under various national and international schemes.
  • To organize training programmes, workshops, seminars, etc. with a major focus on current research interests
  • To facilitate in preparing and submission of research projects to different funding agencies.
  • To assist in the administrative support for completing research projects and facilitate disbursement of fellowships to research scholars
  • To incentivize the publication of high quality research under the university’s Research Promotion and Incentive Policy (pp1P)
  • Monitor the quality and progress of doctoral students