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Committees are designed to address different aspects of student life, ensuring that every student feels supported and valued throughout their academic journey.

1. Anti-Ragging Committee Visit Anti-Ragging Committee to understand the guidelines and measures in place to maintain a campus free from any form of ragging or harassment. Together, let’s ensure a friendly and respectful atmosphere for everyone.

2. Caste-Based Discrimination Committee Discover the initiatives of our Caste-Based Discrimination Committee in promoting inclusivity and equality. This committee works tirelessly to eliminate any form of discrimination based on caste, fostering a diverse and harmonious campus.

3. Discipline Committee Maintaining discipline is crucial for a conducive learning environment. The Discipline Committee sets standards for behavior, ensuring that students contribute to a respectful and responsible academic community.

4. Gender Sensitization ASH Committee Explore the efforts of our Gender Sensitization ASH Committee in creating a campus culture that is safe and inclusive for all genders. This committee conducts awareness programs and provides a platform for reporting incidents to promote a gender-sensitive environment.

5. Grievances Redressal Committee The Grievances Redressal Committee acts as a bridge between students and administration. Students are encouraged to utilize this platform to express concerns and ensure that every issue raised is heard and addressed appropriately.

6. Right to Information Empowering students with information is crucial, and our Right to Information Committee serves this purpose. Explore this platform to gain insights into various aspects of the university, enhancing transparency and accountability.

We encourage all students to actively engage with these committees, attend awareness programs, and utilize the available channels for grievance redressal. Your participation is vital in creating a campus that reflects the values of Akal University.

Stay informed, stay involved, and let’s together make our university experience enriching and fulfilling!